Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rebuttal to the Islamophobe on "God must be crazy"

Our cyber space has been contaminated with lot of filth and hatred pouring articles about Islam, with objectives to hoodwink innocent audience and put a pull stop on the propagation of Islam which seemingly is being a thorn in neck of these Islamophobes. While throwing stones at others, Agniveer, ‘The Deceiver’ in his extreme-hatred, has, brought some far fetched conclusions in his un-scholarly, factless and ridiculous article - a concocted garbage. So, in this very article, I will explore the lies of agniveer about Islam and its canons. After a thorough analysis, refutation and cremation of the futile article of agniveer viz. ‘God must be crazy!’ in the end, inshaa’Allāh(If God wills), we shall see who actually is crazy God or 'The Hypocrite' viz., 'Agniveer', In additon, I will be revealing some popular and irrational beliefs of Arya Samajists. This article is in fact a golden chance for me to put forth a comparative study of Islam and Protestant Hinduism(Arya Samaj) on some of the important aspects.