Saturday, 6 July 2013

If God really is all-powerful, why can't he become a human?

The theory of anthropomorphism, manifestation of God in different forms, like, human, animals, trees and other creatures is the central theme of several school of thoughts of Hinduism, Christianity and some other minor religions.

They try to establish coherence between rationality and anthropomorphism by putting forth arguments like, omnipotence of God. It's the most popular argument amongst Christian & Hindu polemicist and evangelists.

In-sha'Allah, I'll refute this argument and establish that Islamic monotheism(oneness of God) is the most logical option one can have.

Omnipotence of God, undoubtedly, is a significant creed of Muslim mass. This omnipotence of God has been stated and emphasized in several places in The Holy Qur’an, like, 2:109, 2:284, 3:29, 16:77, 24:45, 29:20, 33:27, 35:1, 48:21, 59:6, 65:12, etc. So, Whosoever doesn't believe in omnipotence of God can never really be a believer.

However, Omnipotence of God(in Islam, at least) doesn't necessarily, mean that God would do un-Godly acts like lying, dying, sleeping, copulating and taking a physically weak human form or that of an animal. These are are un-Godly acts and doesn't suits the majesty of God.

Moreover, it is highly implausible because a circle can never be a triangle and a circle at the very same time. Alike, a human can't have properties of God and a human being at the same time. If God takes a human form he leaves his Godly properties and he won't remain God anymore, as God, intuitively, must be non-physical, immortal, Non-created, eternal and perfect in every Godly aspect. However, if he becomes a human, he won't have these important properties anymore because a human being is a created entity, mortal, physical, imperfect and weak. To say, that human-God could exist would be tantamount of saying circle = triangle, which we know isn't true, anyways, because when a circle becomes triangle, it isn't circle anymore neither it is a combination of circle and triangle and in case of transformation of shape, the circle would cease to exist. So, it logically follows, that, when God becomes a human being, God will cease to exist and the human form which is mortal will eventually die, leaving the pathetic creatures aside.

So, it implies, that God's omnipotence doesn't necessarily mean that He will do everything, even an ungodly act. The God, must be unique, perfect, omniscient, uncreated, eternal, immortal along with omnipotent.

The Qur’an truly says,

"There is nothing whatever like unto Him"

- 42:11

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